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My pick on planters

Looking for stylish planters, here are my top picks.

1. Umbra planters from Homeless

Umbra is a trusted brand that goes back to 1979, based in Toronto, Canada. These planters come in black and white, stands on a chic gold stand. The reason I love this is because the size is great for small homes. The gold stand design gives it some space between the table and the plant. When I first saw this, I thought it was made with plastic. After purchased, I realized its ceramic. But there are things to be aware of, one of it is the size. Because it is small, get a small plant. It also doesn't have a drainage hole. To solve the roots from getting overly soaked, put some pebbles or small marbles at the bottom before putting in the soil when replanting.

2. Amara

This site has a wide collection of pots and planters, and it ships worldwide. The shipping is also very fast! I love planter with legs and this was AMARA was amongst the very few shop I found online that offered it.

3. Muji

Muji, well know for its minimal and simplistic design is now offering MUJI Green. What I love about this one is they have wall mount planters. You can basically turn your wall into a vertical garden with them.

Find out more on indoor plant care HERE

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