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Sugar Me Kissery, is bold, unique and aesthetical. ​
Cake is an important part of every celebration.  It connects people and create memories. We all need a WOW cake, because we are all special.  Every person has their own story. Telling that story through our cake creation is our mission. Every cake reveals something new, and unique. Every cake is a piece of edible art.
Our founder, Shirley was originally an architect.  Baking was an escape from her stressful and demanding practice.  Uplifted by the positive energy cake unfolds, the passion for pastry grew. 


Celebrations , family & friends gatherings has always been a major part of growing up.  I still remember the McDonald's birthday party I had as a child, the photo of me and my cousins surrounded by the classic cream cake lives in my memory.  These little mementos were very precious to me. It is even more precious today as the rise of technology allows us to connect with people virtually, the physical connection is fading.  I believe food brings people together; it gives us a purpose to unite. 


I never realized the importance of people connectivity until after my formal training in architecture.  It was architecture that opened my mind to a whole new perspective.  I learned about Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, and Le Corbusier, how proportions in the human body improves the appearance and function of architecture.  I would spend days and nights figuring out the Golden Ratio.  Architecture was so fascinating; I thought it would be the rest of my life.  That all changed when I began practicing as an Architectural Designer.  Endless changes on the same project, same section, followed by long hours of work.  I did not feel any connection with people, I was just drawing functional lines.  The passion began fading and became stressful.  I could no longer find meaning in my work, and sadly, I myself did not value my own work. 


During the emptiness in life, I coincidentally came across a cupcake decorating class.  I was subconsciously influenced to join, and during that class everything changed.  I felt so much joy and this unspoken flow of heat that rolled all over my soul.  Since then, I traveled to Australia, France, Taiwan, UK, and Korea to learn extraordinary and delicate cake decorating skills from master cake artists. I was able to reconnect with people through baking and caking. After bearing my first child, I decided its time to quit the stress and devote life to more meaningful challenges. (Not that my previous job wasn't meaningful, the cake temptation was hard to resist!)   And here I am, working on cakes and loving every part of it! It's been over seven years since I started as Sugar Me, and I'm so surprised by how excited I still am with caking. Some passions just keep on growing. 

I’m often asked how my background in architecture comes through to my cakes.  It is extremely relevant to my work as I was trained to be sensitive to forms, colour, and movement.  My training allowed me to create meaning, forming concepts and building human relationships. It guides my creative processing and designing cakes that tells a story.

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