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Rustic Pavlova Cake

Rustic Pavlova Cake


Did pavlova originated from New Zealand or Australia? We don't really know, but one thing is definite, it's so delicious and comforting. Pavlova has a amazingly crisp texture on the outside, and a marshmallow-like, melt-in-your-mouth texture on the inside. We created this rustic cake with layers of pavlova, cream, fresh fruit puree and buttercream.  Embellished with handmade sugar rose.


Colour and flower arrangement in picture may defer slightly as everything is hand made.


Available Sizes: 

  • 6" wide, aprrox. 3lbs, coffee servings:24ppl, dessert servings:12ppl

Lead time: 3 days

Contains eggs

  • Cakes are all delicately handcrafted, and availability are limited.  We suggest to order 2 weeks in advance. All orders are subject to availability, for all orders place less than 7 days from date of celebration, kindly contact us before processing payment online by whatsapp (61108967) or email ( Upon receiving your order, we will issue a formal confirmation through email. Please feel free to contact us during business hours 9am to 6pm if you don’t hear from us within 3 days. We are always here to assist! Your order shall not be considered CONFIRMED until you receive an email confirmation OR A PHONE CALL from us.

    By ordering from us, you agree to our terms and condition. Details can be found here. 

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