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Playful Carousel

Playful Carousel


This historic attraction, carousel, dates back to the 17th century. However, it is a timeless beauty still much loved. Enchanting both children and adults alike, making a very luxurious celebration cake. We've cleverly turned the carousel into edible cake.  The very top of the carousel and dome is edible cake. The centre of the carousel is made with rice krispy, whimiscal horses made with sugar paste.  The bottom tiers are 8" and 10", decorated with colourful bows and sugar pearls.


Colour and arrangement may defer slightly from picture as everything is hand made. Cake iced with chocolate ganache. 



  • 3 tier cake top tier 6" wide, aprrox. 3lbs, coffee servings:24ppl, dessert servings:12ppl, middle tier 8" wide, coffee servings:48ppl, dessert servings: 24ppl, bottom tier 10" wide, coffee servings:76ppl, dessert servings:38ppl
  • Consult with us for other available size


Lead time: 7 days

Contains eggs